5 of the Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

A depleted sperm count can be a ground for annoyance for any couple that is making an effort to build a family. In lots of situations, low sperm count can be solved by means of dietary alterations, modification in sexual habits and even variation in underwear. Low sperm count is not connected to sexual anxiety worry or meager functioning; it only associates to the quantity and excellence of sperm that the man manufactures. Let us take a look at the symptoms of low sperm count.Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

Symptom #1: Incapability to Impregnate Partner

The main indication of a depleted sperm count is an incapability to make a partner pregnant in a year of making an effort to conceive. Fertility physicians believe one year as a sensible expanse of time when a couple is making an effort to become pregnant. Depleted sperm count is one of the major tests a couple will confront once making an effort to become pregnant. If there is no conception following one year, low sperm count could be the ground.

Symptom #2: Facial Hair Deficiency

If the low sperm count is triggered by hormonal issues, and this is not commonly the situation, one of the indications might be scarcity in facial hair. Several men might have to shave their face once daily. Other men might only have to shave more than two times weekly. This is commonly not a sign of low sperm count. On the other hand, if there are hormonal deficiencies at the origin of the predicament, it might emphasize with scarcity of facial hair.

Symptom #3: Scarcity of Muscularity

This is only an indication once the low sperm count is triggered by hormonal issues. An individual lacking muscular improvement might also have a depleted sperm count triggered by Klinefelter’s syndrome or a genetic concern with his pituitary gland. This is a bit unusual. In majority of situations, once a man has a depleted sperm count, the only indication is the incapability to impregnate his partner or wife.

Symptom #4: Predicaments with Sexual Function

Another indication of low sperm count might be connected to issues with sexual function, like depleted sex drive or complexity in preserving an erection, or erectile dysfunction.

Symptom #5: Soreness

Several men encountering soreness, puffiness or a bump within their testicle region might also experience low sperm count.

Additional Information about Low Sperm Count

It is important that the volume of ejaculate and the actual sperm count of a man must be in harmony because if any of the have no appropriate quantity conceiving might not be possible. You cannot see visible indications of low sperm count. Low sperm count can only be assessed under the microscope. Color, viscosity, etc. are not symptoms of low sperm count.

Once the sperm is assessed under the microscope, the laboratory technician does not only look for the numbers of the sperm, they are searching for motility, and how healthy they are, because not working sperm have no ability to race to the egg. Therefore excellence of the sperm is very significant like the quantity.