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Even if we like it or not, there is always a point in our lives when we begin wondering why we lose interest in bed. We often complain about it whether we are a man or a woman of age. Well, there are many facets in our lives that may lead to the problem. We have to work with the challenge or else suffer the consequences of dissatisfying our partners. Of course, we certainly would not want our partners to leave us just because of loss of sex drive.

Loss of sex drive springs out from many factors. It may be due to menopause and stress in females. Women may also complain of difficulties in rearing a child that cause fatigue and eventually result to loss of interest in sex. In males on the other hand, there can be many contributing factors and one is low sperm count.

Having mentioned low sperm count in males as a factor that leads to the sexual challenge later in life, there is that interest in learning how to turn around the problem. The good thing is one can resort to many things that will help heighten one’s sperm count to lead to better sexual and reproductive wellbeing, so to speak. The trouble though may spring from the fact that it is hard to find one that will work to increase sperm count.

How to Increase Sperm Count the Natural Way

There are many things you may do to increase sperm count naturally. Most men would resort to this first instead of trying out the other expensive options. For one, you may try Kegel exercises. These are proven to help with the functioning of the penis thus promoting better quality and quantity of semen. In another, you may also incorporate green and fresh vegetables as well as cereals, fruits, chicken and fish in your diet.

Together with these two essentials in maintaining or increasing sperm count naturally, you may also want to quit some bad habits like alcohol drinking and smoking. You may also avoid tight-fitting pants to prevent heating your testicles that much.

How to Increase Sperm Count Using Other Solutions

To support the benefits of the natural ways to increase sperm count, you may also try semen pills to help you have better quality and quantity of semen. You have some options in the market that’s why it may be hard to decide on what to purchase. We at would want to help you in making a choice.

When we have made our choices for the best semen pills in town, we have considered cost-benefit ratio. We believe you must always get the price you pay for. We also considered the ingredients which are crucial to the effectiveness and safety of the pills. Overall, we have ranked the following products as the best pills you may rely upon when it comes to increasing sperm count.

Top Rated Semen Pills

# 1 SemenaxratingRating: 5 / 5


An all-natural supplement, this is what Semenax is. The supplement has been made to increase seminal fluid and to produce larger ejaculate amounts that will result to better orgasms. This pill is said to be one of the best simply because it provides optimum effects, with no side effects.

Semenax is proven to work because of the ingredients found in the product. Among the components in the product are: (1) L-arginine HCL which is known to double seminal volume; (2) Horny goat weed which is of great help in boosting testosterone levels and in increasing sperm production; (3) Saw palmetto, which is noted to help in strengthening the prostate; (4) Maca is said to increase overall male performance in bed by at least 200%; and (5) Mucuna pruriens, which helps in improving sperm motility and in improving sperm concentration as well.

What makes Semenax even more delightful for first time users is the fact that it has very good money-back guarantee. You can get two bottles of the product for free. This is equivalent to two-month supply. The money-back guarantee is 67 days but is only valid if you purchase the semen pills from the official manufacturer of the Semenax.

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# 2 Volume Pillsrating


Volume Pills, as the name implies, takes charge of increasing your seminal volume. It is your secret to ejaculating great amounts of cum that will help you heighten your orgasm in bed. Volume Pills is also 100% natural and is doctor-approved thus making it another wonderful semen pills you may purchase in the market.

There are benefits offered by Volume Pills aside from the fact that it increases ejaculate by up to 500% the usual amount. Add to that, you may also have stronger and longer erections that will surely keep you going in bed. You will surely make a good impression to your partner because of these outstanding results. Thanks to the formula which includes: (1) Solidin, for better sexual motivation and pleasure; (2) Xi lan rou gui combined with Hong hua fen for better erections; (3) Ku gua, for increased testosterone levels; and (4) a whole lot of other ingredients that support overall male reproductive health.

Volume Pills can be bought for a one-month supply of $65.

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# 3 Performer5 rating


Last but not the least – we have considered Performer5 as an inclusion to the best semen pills out in the market. This product promises “better sex from a unique male formulation”. This also promises 500% more ejaculate than before while assuring better orgasms that you and your partner will enjoy. Using an exclusive blend of ingredients that include Zinc, L-Glycine, L-Arginine, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Glucans and DL-Malic Acid, you will surely see the difference in your semen volume and quality.

Performer5 is currently selling at a price of $62.95 per bottle for a month’s supply but can be cheaper when bought in packs of 4 that offer 3 bottles free. That will really be a good investment for those of you who are on your way to a better sex life.

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